Is It A Recession…Or Back to the Future??

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Are you feeling the pain yet? Many of the “authorities” deny that we are in a recession. Yet. However, we all know that things are getting a little tighter. We are working a little harder. Our pockets are a little lighter. And those credit card bills are — well, we’ve avoided actually looking at those.

We may not be officially in a recession, but our lives are the best barometers that we are in a recession. It’s time to go back — waaay back — to the “old school.” To the ideas that can save a little money or stretch that paycheck. Remember when (and perhaps you should revisit) . . .

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  • buy used loved things
  • patch and sew items of clothing
  • repair your shoes
  • just don’t buy any clothes for a while – maybe you’ve got enough already
  • shop at thrift stores
  • make a list of items you need and then wait for a sale (or until you save up for it)
  • wash your car with a bucket and a hose
  • sneak snacks into the movie theatre
  • walk to the store
  • shop for food at the grocery store with a list
  • eat at home/turn on the oven and cook food
  • prepare food for work a week in advance
  • use library cards
  • visit garage sales on Saturday mornings
  • ask for discounts
  • drink tap water
  • take cold showers
  • take your lunch to work
  • keep the mobile you’ve got until it actually dies
  • actually save money
  • budget (not that anyone does, so try and get into not-spending habits!)
  • be happy holidaying at home
  • ditch the gym membership: go for a run instead

Is it all coming back to you? Do you need to consult with grandma for more ideas? Like grandma, the past methods of living have stood the test of time. Things don’t always have to be brand new, replaced, and cost more. Try for a different future by learning the lessons of the old school.

Rosalind Mays
Rosalind Mays

Virtual assistant, a freelance writer and a stressed out mom. Disclaimer: The information presented in this post is intended for general informational purposes only and does not constitute professional financial or legal advice.