Chris Hogan: The Debt Collector is Back

Chris Hogan, a debt coach, and author on retirement, was fired from Dave Ramsey Show in 2021. We can’t be sure what happened behind the scenes. A breaking of the biblically based rules at the Ramsey headquarters in Tennessee, it seemed. It wasn’t a criminal thing. But for the show’s regulars, Hogan’s departure was a mic drop moment.

He and Dave Ramsey had made a great team. Coach Hogan had as big a personality as Ramsey, which is not an easy thing to do. But suddenly it was no longer. There was an awkward video statement from Hogan, and apology to the fans, and then he was gone. And we didn’t hear from him for a long time.

Hogan’s departure was just as big loss to the Ramsey show, as it was to Hogan himself. Hogan was the only co-host that had a presence equivalent to Dave Ramsey. He inspired confidence because of his authenticity and direct manner. He had a gift for bringing the positive to people in a fun but forceful way.

Hogan has had an interesting past. He was a former footballer at Georgetown College. He once had a job in banking. But having worked in the trenches in debt collection, that’s where he saw the devastating impact of financial struggles by ordinary people. Hogan and his wife also saw the financial issues unfolding in their own lives. They both looked for financial guidance and came across Dave Ramsey and his philosophy. In time, he joined the Dave Ramsey Show as a co-host and became a fierce advocate for living debt-free.

Hogan’s influence went beyond the boundaries of Ramsey Solutions. His books, Retire Inspired and Everyday Millionaires debunked the idea that a debt-free life was just for the rich. In Everyday Millionaires he unveiled a crucial truth: most millionaires didn’t win lotteries or inherit their wealth, but built their fortunes through smart financial decisions and a resolute aversion to debt. Most millionaires didn’t start off by being rich. They often didn’t have high paying jobs.

“8 out of 10 millionaires come from families at or below the middle-class income level”

Chris Hogan, Everyday Millionaires

Speaking as a guest in The All-Start Leader Podcast, Hogan described his key philosophical principles of money and finances as:

  1. Live on less than you make;
  2. Have a plan for every dollar that comes in;
  3. Your confidence will grow and you understand the path you’re on; and
  4. Be intentional; boss your money around and don’t let it control you Many people say they will wait until they make more money before they get serious; but they won’t. Your lifestyle will grow along with your income, and you’ll continue to spend more than you make.

But now Chris Hogan is back as a coach and a keynote speaker. His example is a reminder that even the brightest stars face unexpected roadblocks in their lives.

Hogan provides personal and business coaching at his website He is also a keynote speaker at Fortune 100 companies, as well as small businesses, and non-profits.

Will Robertson
Will Robertson

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